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Petal Pusher: McNamara Florist is Homegrown

I defy you to walk into a McNamara florist shop and not come away feeling better. The combination of incredible smells, vibrant colors, and the presence of the miracle of living things is an instant mood enhancer. It is compounded by the fact that McNamara goes all out in its arrangements and decorations, especially during the holidays. The holiday decorating doesn’t just happen either; it takes months of preparation and literally days and weeks of work according to McNamara’s owner, Toomie Farris, who says they make 1600 arrangements for Christmas alone. He is so hands on that he does all ...

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Godfather of Disc Golf: Dennis Byrne

Local Disc Golf Course Designer Set to Unveil Carmel’s First Public Course Perhaps one of the nation’s fastest growing sports has roots in Indiana, and the godfather of it all is a local retiree that is the sport’s biggest evangelist. Dennis Byrne, a former aerospace and marine manufacturing engineer, took an early retirement two-and-a-half years ago to pursue his true love: Disc golf, or frisbee golf as it is often times called. “I’ve pretty much designed and installed every disc golf course in Hamilton County,” said Byrne. A pioneer in the disc golf industry, Byrne started playing in 1983 while ...

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Divvy it Out – Small Plates, Big Impression

Good things come in small packages…and that is the absolute truth at the new, innovative and fun Divvy restaurant in Carmel, where small plates to share and “fun” are their specialty. There are over 100 cute, little scrumptious dishes on the menu to “divvy” out – from seafood, spreads, salty snacks, cheese, all types of meat, vegetarian, sweets and so on (and I can go on, trust me). Even the beer and wine tasters are cute and presented oh just so! One of the unique elements is the offering of gluten free, vegan and lactose free dishes, which is hard ...

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Late Carmel Attorney Leaves Legacy to Help Cancer Patients

In early 2010 Stephenie Jocham was a successful attorney running her own law firm, and a busy mom to two young sons. A rare cancer diagnosis changed all of that. Stephenie began a wild ride that included multiple surgeries and a mile-long list of therapies and treatments all in an effort to eliminate the cancer from her body. One might assume that a person battling cancer at that level of intensity would be completely consumed by the fight, but not Stephenie. Although Stephenie lost her battle in June of this year, her priorities to the end remained the same, caring ...

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Carmel Plastic Surgeon Opens Wellness Center

Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery has a new home in Carmel. The pyramid style, Asian-themed building along 116th Street, just west of Keystone Avenue, is now home to a full-service wellness center—the Winslow Facial Plastic Surgery and Fusion Spa. During their four years in their previous location at 755 West Carmel Drive, Dr. Catherine Winslow and her staff began running out of room and were literally “stepping over each other the last two years!” While researching options for additional space, Winslow soon realized there was a need for a one-stop spot where customers could get everything they need under one roof. ...

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“Carmel Community Newsletter”, atCarmel.com Launching October 1st

We’re expanding into the Carmel area this fall with the launch of the “Carmel Community Newsletter” and atCarmel.com. Current Geist advertisers were notified last month about the possible expansion, and based on their response and the response of some other new sponsorship prospects, we feel comfortable announcing an October 1, 2009 launch. Just like the “Geist Community Newsletter” and atGeist.com, Carmel will have a community-focused monthly newsletter targeting residents in the higher income neighborhoods of the city. During the first week of each month we’ll be mailing and placing free copies out for distribution totaling 20,000 newsletters. Bloggers, writers are ...

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