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Girls About Town: Cobblestone Grill

As we walked down the brick-paved streets lined with quaint shops and trees laden with white lights, we couldn’t help but be taken in by the charm!Before we knew it, we were soaking in the scents of the air leading us straight to the front doors of the Cobblestone Grill. How apropos! It’s so cute!! Picturesque … just like the Rockwellian little Main Street! Known for its delicious food, live music, and amazing drink specials, Cobblestone is a hot spot in Zionsville for both a fun Girls Night Out or dinner for two. We were greeted at the door by ...

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Brad Stevens. Home Town Hoopster Talks: Growing Up in Zionsville

During his glistening coaching tenure at Butler, Brad Stevens and his Bulldogs have landed on the right side of the scoreboard when it comes to game-winning, final-seconds baskets. The Butler Legion remembers game-winning three pointers from Zach Hahn and A.J. Graves in nail-biting, final-breath triumphs in the early days of the Stevens watch. In Hawaii this season, the Bulldogs knocked out Marquette on a horn-beating three pointer from Rontei Clarke. But perhaps the most talked about heart-stopping, down-to-the-last-second winning basket during the Stevens tour came in December when a Roosevelt Jones basket sent Hinkle Fieldhouse into frenzy as Butler slayed ...

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Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurs: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

By Jami Marsh, Director, Lemonade Day Greater Indianapolis As the potential customer approached the bright, citrusy-green lemonade stand, Ben and Colleen signaled to Mom to hit ‘play’ on the boom box and out came the twangy-sounds of “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy,” their theme song. The song, coupled with their winning smiles and persuasive sales pitch, sealed the deal. Not only did they sell two cups of lemonade, but the customer left a generous tip to reward them for their ingenuity and great customer service. Ben and Colleen are veteran participants of Lemonade Day, a free Greater Indianapolis area initiative that ...

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Zionsville Goes to War: American Legion Riders

New Safer Deck from Primary Grounds

Bob Parker remembers the days when motorcycle riders may have sent shivers through a suburban neighborhood when they roared their Harley Davidsons and other rambunctious machines down the quiet streets of Midwest America. “The movies portrayed motorcycle riders as rebels without a cause,” Parker recalled. “The perception was that everyone belonged to a club like Hell’s Angels.” Indeed, that may have been the viewpoint of many mothers, fathers, and grandparents in the heartland. You didn’t want the children to stray too close to the Marlon Brandos and their leather jackets, cigarettes, and tattoos. But that was the Hollywood image of ...

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Patrick’s Kitchen and Drinks

4437 N. Franklin Rd.

By Brent Bordeaux A Saturday night, Patrick’s Kitchen and Drinks, Zionsville. You walk in: the soft wood atmosphere is cozy yet open, both welcoming and relaxing; the bar is lively, full, yet with old-friend familiarity; the wall sconces snap a crystal glint from a pair of crisply-chilled Martinis drifting by on a tray; guests at window-side tables look out onto the yesteryear brick charm of Main Street but also onto Patrick’s front terrace, waiting with its planters and picket fencing, seemingly poised in spring thought, dining al fresco, a lingering bottle of wine under warm evening stars. Until winter leaves ...

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My Introduction to Fox Hunting and Tom Santelli

  I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tom Santelli, president of the Traders Point Hunt Club. My introduction to Tom came through a mutual friend, local Zionsville artist Freddie Kelvin. I mentioned to Freddie that a goal of this magazine is to include stories that reflect all the varied interests in the Zionsville community. It also seemed fairly obvious that the equine community is a big part of the Zionsville community. I admitted to Freddie that, despite growing up on a farm, I knew next to nothing about horses. After a series of emails and a phone call, ...

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Corner Vise is the Perfect Gallery & Frame Shop!

Nestled in the charming town of Zionsville, renowned for its quaint brick street and Victorian charm, you will find a successful framing and art operation that has been in place for over 30 years. In 1986, Barbara Jennings was working in the advertising industry when her parents proposed a business partnership in acquiring a custom framing business. The opportunity to manage a creative operation appealed to the daughter and so she found herself emerged in learning two separate operations: Custom framing and masterful art. This business model works because art, no matter what the style or price point, is always ...

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