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A Tiny Obsession


Writer  /  Kate Rhoten Last month, I purposely did not write about resolutions. Did you make a resolution before New Year’s? It’s early February and it is OK to start your resolution now. According to a list compiled by Newsday, the most common resolutions in 2015 were: 1. Lose weight/exercise more 2. Quit smoking 3. Eat Healthy 4. Learn something new 5. Spend less, save more 6. Drink less alcohol 7. Travel 8. Give back to the community 9. Spend more time with family 10. Relax Did you select a similar resolution? How are you doing? Are you doing it ...

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Protecting Your Identity: What now?


Writer  /  Tia Nielsen Photographer  /  Ruth Jopson How many types of identity theft exist? Are data breaches that significant? Lately, known data breaches abound. Our family has been notified of three breaches this year alone. How about you? There are currently at least eight types of identity theft that apply to individuals. Businesses and government agencies are also targeted. We’re heard the news reports. Multiple large-scale data breaches have affected millions of individuals with Personal Identifying Information (PII) stolen. To get a handle on this growing issue, we’ll focus on personal IDentity Theft (IDT) and what options exist to ...

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‘Sappenings at the Maple Syrup Festival


Writer  /  Tonja Talley Photos Provided “As spring approaches, the nights remain cold while the days get longer and warmer. This fluctuation in air temperature assists sugar maple tree sap to ‘run’ from the branches down to its roots. By tapping a tree, sugar makers can gather the sap, boil the liquid and bottle the sweet delicacy into what we know today as maple syrup.” — Description of the maple syrup season by a sugar maker hobbyist The last gasps of winter brings our state’s first harvest of the year — Indiana maple syrup. In celebration of the maple-sugaring season ...

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Who’s in Your Family Tree?


Writer and Photographer  /  Frieda Dowler A friend commented once, “When you and the generation that knew you are gone from this life, no one will know you ever existed.” That may not be true in Johnson County if you were born, died or married here, had children, did any land transactions, had trouble with the law or registered a will. Volunteers at the Johnson County Museum of History in the Genealogy Department are dedicated to preserving historical documents filled with this information. They painstakingly research, index, store and guard the personal history of many people of Johnson County, allowing ...

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Ladies of the Hard Court


Writer  /  Leigh Lawson Photographer  /  Ierlynn Carroll Behind every Center Grove High School team or club, there is a community. The community consists of the coach or leader, assisting staff, student athletes/participants, parents and fans. The coach with his or her staff, the students and the parents all bring a level commitment in making memorable and successful seasons. The Lady Trojan basketball team is not any different from the other sports or clubs. They are a chosen family, brought together for four years by a sport and a team of girls that love it. The girls’ basketball team is ...

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Vision Therapy: See Better with our Brain


Writer and Photographer  /  Jessica Kelly It is commonly believed that 20-20 vision means perfect vision; however, there are many vision problems unrelated to clarity. These include lazy eyes, visual processing problems and vision problems resulting from strokes or concussions. These problems cannot be fixed by glasses or contacts. Prescriptions typically just correct clarity of vision and not how the eyes team or focus, but one way to help is through the process of vision therapy. “Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy or occupational therapy, but it’s therapy for the eyes,” Developmental Optometrist Erin Buck of Greenwood Vision Development ...

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JCPL Under New Direction


Meet Lisa Lintner Writer and Photographer  /  Jessica Kelly The Johnson County Public Library has been a part of the county since 1911. First establishing on the second floor of another building, the library now has four branches. After 104 years in service, many small and large changes have been made, most recently the hiring of new Library Director Lisa Lintner after the previous director retired. “I carry the vision of the library,” Lintner said. “I am responsible for making sure the strategic plan is being followed, and that we are using technology and resources in the best possible way ...

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The Status of the Road to the North

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.48.06 PM

Writer  /  Alaina Sullivan The Interstate 69 project has been an ongoing discussion since its inception in 2004, starting in Evansville and slowly working its way north. Now that the project has come to its stop in Martinsville, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has shifted its focus to Section 6 of the project. This section will take the Interstate from Martinsville to Interstate 465, said Lamar Holliday, Public Involvement Specialist for the I-69 Project, Section 6. State Road 37 Not a Sure Thing Many people are under the assumption that the route will obviously be along State Road 37. While, ...

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Mucky Duck Grill and Bar Center Grove


When Center Grove resident Todd Johnson opened the Mucky Duck Grill and Bar at the corner of State Road 135 and Stones Crossing Road, he brought a new vision for a gathering place in the Center Grove community. Johnson describes it as a family-friendly restaurant atmosphere balanced with a local sports bar offering many large screen TVs for a variety of sporting events. Johnson is working to provide something special every night. Tuesday night is a trivia contests and Thursday is Ladies’ Night. A recent expansion has added more dining space in a room that includes a dance floor and ...

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Southside Parents of Multiples


Multiplying the Support Writer  /  Kris Parker Photographer  /  Forrest Mellott Caring for a single child can be a difficult and sometimes stressful prospect; caring for more than one child can add to the anxiety and strain. Further that with multiple children who are the same age. This is why SouthSide Parents of Multiples (SSPOM) exists: to offer support and encouragement to parents of twins and higher-order multiples. Opportunity for Support “When I had my twins, they were my first babies. I was terrified as a new mother, even more so as a mother of two babies. I wouldn’t take ...

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