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Business Spotlight: Floor to Your Home

Writer & Photographer  /  Allison Yates

Floors to Your Home, a beloved homegrown business supporting Indianapolis’s flooring needs since 1921, continues to provide the lowest prices and the biggest selection in the area.

It originally started as a wholesale distributor, but since 2008 has sold directly to customers at their retails stores and on their e-commerce platform, which ships nationwide.

When customers come into one of the Floors to Your Home retail centers, there’s a lot that makes their experience different. As a family-owned and run business, Floors to Your Home’s dedication to outstanding customer service comes naturally to them. Potential customers work with the sales associates to determine the best style and make for their lifestyle, budget and needs.

“You want something you’re going to love for a long time,” says Brian Kahn, fourth generation co-owner.

Right now, the most popular flooring is waterproof, and Floors to Your Home’s Noblesville store has an expansive section of that style to choose from. Besides waterproof, the company offers more than 600 different types of flooring, from carpeting, laminate and tile.

While this may seem daunting, customers are in good hands. Associates ask customers questions to determine the best fit depending if they have dogs, kids or if the flooring will be for a high traffic area. Because buying flooring for your home is a purchase that requires considerate thought and deliberation, there’s a relationship that builds between the customer and sales associate. Management loves and encourages these relationships, and it’s not uncommon for customers to email or text pictures of their new flooring once it’s installed.

“What means a lot to us is when we hear from customers,” Kahn says. Especially when they hear it was “a great experience from start to finish.” Kahn loves when customers review their experience and let them know how much money they saved in the process and what they did with that money, like taking a trip or buying a new T.V. For Floors to Your Home, their mission is to help customers make their homes look great and save them money in the process.

“That’s why we do it,” Kahn says.

Going above and beyond, the company also launched a YouTube channel with several videos answering all potential questions customers might have, including explanations of how to install at home and what to expect when you get a home delivery.

But it’s not just the customer service that sets Floors to Your Home apart from the rest. When customers buy from them, they get to take the flooring home the same day. All product is in stock — more than two million square feet of flooring. Buying stock in great quantities means the price is lower than other companies.

Floors to Your Home is thrilled to be part of the Noblesville community. Kahn says that since they opened in Noblesville around two and half years ago, they’ve had a great reception from customers and truly felt welcomed into the area.

“It’s already exceeded our expectations,” Kahn says.

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