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Avon Celebrates RC Track

For many, the 83-acre Avon Town Hall Park is a hidden gem in the center of the fast-paced town. Located at 6570 E US Highway 36, directly behind the Town Hall is a quiet, serene and family friendly park, perhaps overlooked if not for the unique features.

The Parks Department and Town Council have worked tirelessly to maintain a beautiful landscape and inviting atmosphere. A few years ago, they added a disc golf course, recently updated the children’s playground and in the far right corner, added a permanent remote control (RC) Track.

They received the 2016 Community Achievement Award from the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns for such a unique feature, in fact, believed to be the only public track in the State of Indiana.

Scott Black is the President of Hoosier RC Racers, a club and a leading group in the commission to build and maintain the RC track in the park.

“Here in Avon, they have a beautiful park back there, and they spend a lot of time on it,” Black said. “Gary Gamble of the Parks Department helped us build it and then volunteers came out with rakes and worked the track. Most people don’t realize how prevalent the hobby is. I don’t know why it’s not as big as fishing or hunting or golf.”

There are commercial tracks in and around Indianapolis. They require an entrance fee and a cost per race and they have highly complicated tracks and computer screens that monitor the car and their actions.

Black says for a beginner, it’s expensive, can be intimidating and new people often shy away because they can’t compete at the advanced level.

At Avon’s track, people of all ages and ability level are welcome to try.

The Avon track is open to the public from sunup to sundown and is designed for beginners. They also post on their website the condition of the track and if weather will play a part in any closure.

Black says people generally see RC cars as one of two things: a toy or something so technical, you couldn’t possibly understand it.

“What’s interesting, is when you open up the vehicle, it’s almost as complex as a regular vehicle,” Black said. “It’s got all the same things that you hear race car driver’s talk about. From that standpoint, it can be technical, but there’s always people out there that love to help others.”

There are differences between the toy quality racecar and a hobby quality, though racers are welcome to test out both on the track.

The non-profit club tries to stay away from supporting one brand, and racers do not have to be a member to use the track, but those that joined the Hoosier RC Racers have met a group of volunteers interested in helping others.

“The club seems to attract the philanthropic kind of people,” Black said. “At meetings, we talk about how we can help new members and how we can get more people involved.”

They offer a guide for new racers on their website, hrcracers.com, and with a portable track, they regularly participate in community events. Black mentioned race events at HH Gregg, including Indy 500 racers as well as events at Bill Estes Ford.

“When you put on a race, it brings people out,” he said. “It’s fun for the whole family and if we’re not all laughing, we’re doing something wrong.”

On May 6 The Town of Avon will host a Spring Fling Radio Control Festival at the park.

Over the years, the event has welcomed more than 1,000 people and anyone can sign up for a race throughout the day.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., there will be RC racing, motorized boat and airplane races, vendors and demonstrations. The Avon American Legion Post 145 will sell food and beverages.

Additional hosts include Hoosier RC Racers, Indianapolis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club, Black Sheep Squadron R/C Airplane Club and IndyHobbies.

For additional information, visit avongov.org or hrcracers.com.

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