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Invest In Your Nest

Writer  /  Pat Carlini

When a family purchases a previously owned home, they usually plan on making a few changes. Maybe they will want new flooring, appliances, paint or in some cases a complete remodel.

That was exactly how the Wilson family felt when they bought their new home in the Geist area when they made the move to Indiana.

“We moved in 9 years ago, and you might say I’ve been thinking of making some changes in the master bath and the kitchen for eight years and 364 days,” says Greta Wilson.

The Wilsons turned to the Dovetail Group with Kayla and Liz — a full service design duo that handles spatial design as well as furnishings and accessories while using 3D software.

The Wilsons started their project in the master bath, but things quickly turned toward the kitchen.

“We kept meeting in the kitchen,” Kayla says. “And that led to new conversations.”

“Originally, we were not going to do as much in the kitchen, just some new appliances and counter tops,” Greta adds. “But, we kept finding beautiful elements for the kitchen and one thing lead to another.”

Greta found a new apron style kitchen sink, and an induction cooktop. The kitchen was quickly taking on a new look, and that’s when Kayla and Liz suggested the Wilsons paint the kitchen cabinets for a whole new fresh look.

“We always try to help the client save where possible,” Kayla says. “Since the cabinets were in good shape and the layout was functional, we suggested painting the cabinetry for a fresh and updated look. Then we added a variety of hardware styles to help make the space feel more customized.”

The bulk head over island was removed and farmhouse chic hanging lights were added over the new granite island top. New backsplash tile was added as well, to help tie it all together.

And yes, the master bath got a new look, too. But, when friends and family walk in the Wilson’s home now, it is that new kitchen that makes a first great impression.

“I couldn’t be happier how it all came together and how it turned out,” Greta says.

The Wilsons used contractor L.E Kraus. The tile from Tile Shop and the lighting and fixtures from Ferguson.

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