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Spring is Time to Give Lawns TLC

Writer  /  Josh Brown

Spring is around the corner. With the spring comes getting our lawns prepared for the coming growing seasons.

Indy’s TLC, Total Lawn Care, Inc has been providing the greater Indianapolis market with professional lawn care services since 1989. TLC was founded by Mark Cavin and Terry Jungels (MS Agronomy, Purdue University, 1987) with the intent to provide a professional service using professional products with personal service to the homeowners in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

It is TLC’s policy to get to know its customers by trying to have continuity with the lawn specialist and the homeowner. TLC employs its Lawn Specialists year-round and provides training and customer contact throughout the year. 

TLC uses an organic-based program to reduce the nitrates and uses more biology and less chemistry to help maintain a healthy, green lawn for its clientele. TLC uses a variety of products, such as bio products, formulated with Advanced Turf Solutions, Holganix and BioGreen to help increase biology in the soil profile and to utilize the fertility already present in the soil profile. Typically five applications per year are sufficient to provide the nutrients necessary for the lawn to stay healthy throughout the year.

There are many factors in having a quality lawn. We have cool season grasses here so weather, types of grass, mowing and watering habits of the homeowner and soil types as well as a balanced fertility program all have a role in providing a healthy lawn.

Cultural practices are important. Mowing, irrigation and aeration are cultural practices that can have a big effect on your lawn.

Follow TLCTotalLawncare.net throughout the year for important cultural practices in season or their Facebook page at Total Lawn Care. For more information about TLC, Total Lawn Care, Inc. services you can call at 317-638-1862, email them at info@tlcindy.com or reach out through their website.

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