Teacher Uses Apple Applications to Achieve Extraordinary Results in the Classroom

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Carmel Clay Schools Prairie Trace fifth grade high ability teacher, Sarah Awe, was caught off guard when she was named a 2019 Apple Distinguished Educator. Awe has taught 18 years for the school system, teaching grades two through five. Although she has been an Apple Educator for several years and is well versed in using Apple applications (apps) with her students in the classroom, she never expected to receive the award the first time she applied for it.

“Very surprised!” says Awe, as she recounts her reaction. “The application is only open for about three weeks every two years.  First-time applications almost never get selected.  I’ve heard of educators submitting applications and videos four and five times before they are selected.  I am beyond honored that I was selected.”

The Apple Distinguished Educators program was created by Apple, Inc. to recognize educators who are using its educational apps to aid their teaching. Teachers named to this program are selected from an international group of Apple Educators who are using Apple apps to achieve extraordinary results in the classroom.

“I was eligible because I became an Apple Educator a few years ago.  It is a free course on Apple Education.  They have iTunes books set up to help educators learn how to use each of the apps (Pages, Keynote, Garage Band, etc.).   After I did this 8-hour course and became an Apple Educator, I started to use the applications in my class almost daily,” says Awe. “My students thrived with each app I showed them.  Once I showed the students a few of the ways to use the apps, it was amazing to watch them take ownership and discover the endless possibilities the apps had to offer.  The creativity and desire to produce authentic items grew tremendously in my classroom.”

As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Awe is able to have an ongoing engagement with other recipients as well as the Apple company. Collaboration is encouraged and educational experiences, projects and ideas are shared. Awe is looking forward to attending the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute Americas 2019 this July, where she will be able to exchange ideas with attendees from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

“There is a very large gathering of all the Apple Distinguished Educators this summer in the United States,” says Awe. “I will travel to the conference to meet other winners and begin to network and learn from other winners from all over the world.  I’m very excited!”

Looking ahead, Awe says, “I hope that I can inspire not only my students, but other educators to see the possibilities that Apple has to offer.  I want teachers and students to realize that the apps open doors to endless opportunities for creativity. I would love to support teachers as they use Apple apps in their classroom and empower my students to also teach others. It’s exciting to think just how far this award can reach!”