Hannah’s Wish Provides Meals and Support for Those Who Have Experienced Loss

Writer / Johnette Cruz

Photographer / Falynn Dial Photography

Jenna and Jon Wright have called Center Grove their home since 1999 and own a managed IT services firm called IT Indianapolis that was started eight years ago. While their business continued to thrive, they dealt with some very trying circumstances personally. We interviewed Jenna to talk about their business and how she took something that could have broken their family and turned it around to positively impact families in surrounding communities.

Read on to hear their story of struggle, triumph and what drives them to do what they love every single day.

How did you get into the IT business?

IT Indianapolis was born out of our desire to “do what we loved.” Jon loves technology and leveraged it in his own businesses for 20 years. I handle customer care, assist with strategy and we love working together.

What is your greatest joy from owning your own business?

Our greatest joy is building relationships with our staff and clients and seeing them grow personally and professionally.

What has been challenging?

There are significant threats to the security of our clients’ businesses and their customer data. It sometimes seems like we spend part of every waking hour thinking about our clients’ security posture and how to improve it. Owning your own business means work doesn’t stop when you leave. It is challenging, but very rewarding.

You created a non-profit organization called Hannah’s Wish. Can you share your story and why you created this organization? 

We experienced secondary infertility. We had our first child with no problems but then the second pregnancy came with challenges. After 2 years of trying for our second child and going through grueling fertility treatments, we finally became pregnant on our own. We ended up losing that baby at 12 weeks. After that horrible loss, we suffered two more losses. After all three of my losses, I went home with nothing and no guidance.  

After that happened, I told Jon I wanted to do something. I told him that God had been nudging me to start something for those who have suffered losses. I wanted there to be an option where Jesus’ name was mentioned, and people can come to know that Jesus loves them during one of the darkest times of their lives. Hannah’s Wish provides meals and support for those who have had experienced loss. Two local hospitals are also passing out our information to those who suffer from a loss, along with a handful of OB offices on the southside. Many of these families later connect with us at a monthly support group meeting.

Through the healing process, a lot of these families have been able to conceive again and have their rainbow baby (The term for a baby after a loss). We were able to have a rainbow baby too. Caidence Mae Wright was born a year after we started Hannah’s Wish!

What has this challenge taught you? 

God doesn’t waste anything. He used our pain and suffering to help others. It has also taught us that life is so precious. While we miss the three little heartbeats we heard and loved, we know that they are with Jesus and that one day we will see them again. I can’t wait for the day when I meet those babies and get to hold them and see their faces. I heard their hearts…. I know it wasn’t for nothing.

Your faith seems to be really important to you- why? 

Jon’s parents and the church he grew up in taught him what he knows about Jesus and to put his trust in Him always. I grew up with very different picture of faith. God put Jon in my life for a reason and Jesus saved me from a life of sin and destruction.

Where do you get you inspiration from?

My husband! When I met him, I was in awe! I had never met anyone so smart, witty, loving and exciting! He inspires me to be better, to get up every morning and be the best that I can be!

What would you tell your younger self today?

Everything is going to be okay. I had a lot of doubts and fears when I was younger.

What Drives you? 

I found my purpose in life a few years ago when we started Hannah’s Wish. Meeting with and speaking to women and couples who have suffered infertility, miscarriage, and stillborn/infant loss, is what drives me. My husband and children drive me too. I want them to know that I had a purpose while on this earth and it wasn’t just for ME.