Writer  /  Matt Keating
Photography Provided

Hamilton Southeastern High School (HSE) has turned their football and soccer field into a new multi-purpose field, popular with both students and coaches.

Jim Self, athletic director of HSE, says the new turf field has a dual fiber that is lined for football, soccer and lacrosse.

“We used the Motz Group, a company based in Cincinnati, to do the work,” Self says. “The great thing about this new field is that if the weather is nice, the physical education staff can use it all the time too. They really like it.”

The Motz Group designs football turf, turf soccer and baseball fields and many other fields. The company develops a field’s underlying surface comprehensively to increase playability and durability. They also focus on providing as much comfort, protection and safety as possible to each of the athletes on the field.

Self noted that with new dual fiber, the HSE football and soccer field is safer for everyone.

“We were able to put in a concussion shock pad under the turf,” Self says. “It was put in to help prevent concussions. It feels softer. If we are going to spend money on the field, we can also be proactive and limit the number of concussions. It can’t stop them completely, but it’s a way to help prevent them.”

Self adds that “it also makes good sense to turf a field to lower the cost on all of the upkeep that has to be done on green grass.”

The Motz Group has helped drive the turf industry forward and has been building fields for more than 40 years. Each of their fields is designed with their intended sport’s performance characteristics in mind.

Self estimates that the warranty on the field is for about eight years.

“We are looking into turfing more fields,” Self says. “We think this will become an industry standard for all new fields. It’s just a great fit for everyone. We are looking into a possible partnership with the city of Fishers to do this.”

The students and coaches love the field.

“The kids really like it,” Self says. “They have more bounce in their step. It’s also gone over well with the coaches, families and the school board. The track team and the rugby teams have also been very positive about it and have told me they are very pleased. They have already gotten a lot of use out if it.”

Self, who has been the athletic director at HSE for the last 19 years, says he has been pleased that so many people have expressed their gratitude for the dual fiber.

“It relieves a lot of worrying about kids getting more concussions when they do get hurt,” he says. “It’s been proven that a field with dual fiber and a concussion shock pad will help prevent injuries. It’s easier to take of and more cost-effective. The school was very pleased.”