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A Perfect Match

Beloved Brides Boutique expands to bigger space in Fishers

Writer & Photographer / Allison Yates

When Carmel High School graduate Alyssa Kelley went to study fashion design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis, she never imaged she’d open up her own bridal shop. When studying, she naturally gravitated towards formal wear and had internships at two different bridal shops in Indianapolis — she realized this industry was where she belonged.

It’s funny, she admits, because she herself, “never wears formal wear.”

She may not be wearing formal gowns on a daily basis, but as the owner of Beloved Brides, she’s an expert. After three years of business in Carmel, Beloved Brides decided they needed a bigger space. Needing more room to accommodate all of their inventory, just two months ago they found a new home at Pine Creeks Shoppes off of East 96th Street in Fishers. This location also brings in a lot of walk-ins and drive-by traffic, something that previous location didn’t facilitate as easily.

Beloved Brides appreciates all of their customers, whether they’re walk-ins or appointments, but Kelley admits they prefer to consult with brides on an appointment basis. This way, the staff — Kelley manages a team of three other consultants — can make sure the bride has an open dressing room, space for her party and guaranteed one-on-one time with the consultant for fitting and choosing accessories.

Kelley loves to guide brides through the dress process, from the moment they walk through the doors to the big day. As both a consultant and the person who does all alternations, she forms a special bond with the brides. The dress, she says, is an integral part of the wedding day, and as the person behind the dress, this means she becomes an important part of their day. Although she doesn’t expect it, she’s even been invited to a few of her customer’s weddings.

Finding the perfect dress, Kelley explains, requires an open mind.

“You never know what you’re going to like until you start trying them on yourself,” she says.

Most of her customers come into the store with a specific style in mind, but many brides end up choosing a completely different one. Her advice to brides? Try on enough dresses to get a sense of what looks good on them, but not too many to become confused or overwhelmed.

Most of their inventory comes from other bridal boutiques outside the area or other brides who didn’t end up using a dress. Unlike other bridal boutiques, Beloved Brides’s gowns are all off the rack, meaning once brides pick the dress, they take it home that day instead of waiting six weeks for a shipment to come in. This is ideal for brides with short time frames. Prices range from $500 to $3,000 and sizes from 2 to 20.

Because they don’t work with specific designers, Beloved Brides offers dresses from a wide range of designers, styles and tastes and plenty of opportunity for the bride to find the right dress for her.

As for Kelley, when it comes time to find her perfect dress, she’s going to take her own advice. Although she thinks she knows what kind of style she wants, she will wait for the experience of trying on many different types before settling on the right one for her.

You can visit Beloved Brides at 8966 E 96th St. in Fishers or check them out online at belovedbrides.com.

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