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For 24 years, Lori Brown of Skin Crafters has been helping people of all ages who have all but given up hope of clearing their acne through prescription medications.

Back in September of 1995, after finishing esthetics school, Brown decided to launch a skin care business favoring a natural, holistic approach rather than conventional medical treatments. During her time working in esthetics Brown found many of her clients had been seeing dermatologists for years with no significant results and realized the one-size-fits-all approach used by many of those dermatologists is ineffective in the long term.

“That approach didn’t make any sense to me, and in esthetics school, they actually discouraged us from working with people who had moderate to severe acne saying we needed to send them on to a dermatologist,” she says. “That troubled me because I knew I had a better way to help people with those recurring issues.”

The Skin Crafters experience starts with a complimentary consultation during which Brown learns the details of a client’s lifestyle habits as well as past or current medications.

“It’s taking in the client’s whole picture, and adjusting diet, stress levels, sleep and factors like that, then using the products I’m familiar with,” she says. “Our approach requires no medications or antibiotics that may also cause long-term health problems. Skin is a detoxifying organ, so when you have digestive issues, yeast overloads and hormonal imbalances it’s going to manifest itself on the surface of the skin. So you have to factor in everything about a person’s lifestyle.”

Brown, who trained at Westshore Skin & Health Center near Cleveland, uses a baseline of skin care products containing treatment agents like salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide. She’s able to adjust the products for individual clients— a process she describes as crucial in formulating treatment plans.   

“Your program is going to be different than someone else who walks through the door, and I can customize the treatment program according to my client’s needs,” she says. “We start people at low-level dosages and incrementally increase the strength as their skin adjusts to the product and heals. Otherwise, you can fry a person’s face, which is what people run into with a lot of over-the-counter glycolics and benzoyl peroxides.”

Brown is quick to point out that Skin Crafters is not a spa experience. It is a fully customized clinical program for those with acne problems and those interested in starting an anti-aging program.

“About 90% of my clientele is for acne and the others are anti-aging,” she says. “Thirty percent of my acne clientele is adults, which surprises some people. I do a few peels and facial waxing, but primarily, it’s working with those who have chronic skin issues.”

Scott Swan, news anchor for WTHR-TV Channel 13 Eyewitness News, brought his children to Skin Crafters years ago for acne treatment and was impressed by both the results Brown was able to achieve and the personalized service.

“My kids were having acne problems and it was important that we find something that would work for the long run,” Swan says. “Not only that but on a personal level, being on TV it’s important for me to look my best, and the microdermabrasion treatments I’ve gotten there have been beneficial.”

Brown has recently begun seeing second-generation clients, which she feels is a testament to her approach to skin care, and she says helping people regain their confidence and self-esteem is her greatest joy.

“I ask them to put their trust in me, with 24 years of experience, and let me show them how I can help,” Brown says. “I’m not just going to hand them a bunch of products and show them the door. I’m very detailed in my approach and explain how their treatment plan is going to give them impressive results, results that they’ve not been able to achieve before.”

Skin Crafters is located at 7119 Maple Bluff Place in Indianapolis. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 317-723-3483 or go to skincraftersonline.com.