Photographer: Belinda Russell

Holly Schmidt has been in the hair industry for more than 25 years as both a stylist and an owner of hair salons. After more than 10 years of operating a booth rental salon, HG Studio in Noblesville, Schmidt decided to expand and open a new salon.

Wicked Scissors was born in August of 2018, in downtown Fortville. The salon is a result of Schmidt’s passion and dedication to giving clients the best possible experience combined with her sincere desire to encourage and educate stylists to be independent and become their own boss. Wicked Scissors is a full-service salon offering both men and women the most current and best practices in the industry.

It carries its own brand of bio-mineral technology hair products and has a staff member who is one of the only three Deva Curl Certified stylists in Indiana. Master, seasoned stylists with extensive specialties are booth renters in the trendy, industrial looking but comfortably built out space. What sets Wicked Scissors apart from other salons is the new twist it takes on the hair salon business. Its approach offers patrons a choice of stylist levels while, at the same time, providing the stylists continuing education and knowledge about the hair salon business.

New stylists fresh out of beauty school are paid on an hourly basis while they are accruing valuable experience. They move to the second level of commissioned pay when they are ready. The final third step is booth rental and essentially becoming self-employed.

“The journey to become your own boss in this industry can be filled with fear, lack of knowledge and confusion about understanding the finances of the business,” Schmidt says. “I want to run a successful, profitable business, but I know that it can still be achieved through offering stylists those three empowering opportunities. I want to give all levels of stylists the tools to succeed.”

By allowing stylists to keep their own books as well as guest lists and vital information, Schmidt allows them to develop confidence while learning how to be their own boss. She also places people with the appropriate level stylist, depending on the client’s wants and needs.

“We offer three price ranges to our customer,” she says. “We offer new stylist, associate stylist and master stylist pricing and experience. Complete satisfaction is our guarantee regardless of the level of experience the client chooses.”

Wicked Scissors has enjoyed rapid growth and success in the 10 months they have been open in Fortville. Staff has doubled since they have been open, ranging from new talent out of beauty school to multiple booth renters. The stylists enjoy the opportunities Schmidt has given them to flourish.

“Wicked Scissors is like a family,” says Becca Miller, master designer. “We all support and push each other to do our best whether you’re fresh out of school or have 10-plus years of experience. It’s like having your own personal cheer squad. Holly has created the most amazing work environment, and I’m excited to work every day. I feel like I can actually excel in my career now and I have my own goals to work towards, not some mold I’m being forced into.”

Schmidt is humbled by the support of the community and the growth of business in such a short period of time.

“Our ultimate goal is to have a salon full with confident, empowered, and experienced master stylists that can enjoy working for themselves and providing for their families,” she says. “I look forward to meeting and investing in the right stylists that want a great opportunity here at Wicked Scissors.”

Wicked Scissors Hair Salon is located at 218 South Main Street in Fortville. You can visit them on their Facebook Page or give them a call at 317-505-9152 for more information.