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Come for the Cardio, Stay for the Community

Writer / Suzanne Huntzinger
Photographer / Jamie Sangar

No more putting off getting back in the exercise routine. Fishers Running Club President, Scott Fussell, and all in his group invite you to join their running community.

Fishers Running Club is new to the community. Fussell kicked off the group’s first community run/walk back on January 21.

“People were starting to train for the Geist Half, so this was the perfect launch point for the club to grow awareness, provide training support and build our community,” Fussell says. Since then, their membership has grown to nearly 100 members, and their social media following has grown 350 percent.

That’s a quick ramp up for Fussell who describes himself as “late to the running game.” He says he caught the running bug from his next-door neighbors.

“One day I joined them for a three miler. Two months later I’m in my first race, and I loved it,” Fussell says. “The community, the energy, the competition. All of it. Since then, I’ve run my share of half marathons and a few full marathons. Incredible people have been a part of my journey in extraordinary ways. Paying that back and creating a local home, a sense of community and connection for area runners and walkers were the primary motivators for my desire to start a local club.”

Fussell turned that desire into reality a couple years ago when he started RUN XPT with some friends. Then in January, he was approached with the idea of trying to grow a running club that felt and sounded a little more connected to Fishers. So, Fishers Running Club was launched.

“Watching our original idea morph into what we have today has been a wonderful process,” Fussell adds. “We’re connecting people with ideas, goals, possibilities and friendships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. We’re not just healthier because of running. I’m convinced lives, even off the pavement, are changing thanks to the community and connections we’re creating.”

Like many running clubs, Fishers Running Club is for all ages, experiences levels and paces from the beginning walker to the elite marathoner. The club offers training plans, on-course support and proximity to some of Central Indiana’s most beautiful running paths. But Fussell says what sets the club apart from others is the connections between the people and the sense of community.

“I simply can’t say enough about our people,” he says. “They’re just amazing. The friendships keep folks coming back each week. There’s incredible accountability that comes with those friendships and that’s one of the greatest motivators. That’s how we coined the phrase: ‘Come for the cardio. Stay for the community.’”

Beyond the friendships and motivation, Fussell says, “Our goal is for each member to simply enjoy the journey whether it’s walking your first 5K or training for your 20th marathon. If we miss the joy in the process, we’ve also missed the point.”

Fussell and the club encourage members to set big goals and go after them.

If you’re not convinced yet to join, Fussell has some words of encouragement.

“You really have to be in it to get it,” he says. “You have join us for a run, hear the stories people share about their own journeys. Hear how running has helped someone drop 150lbs, or how running helps people overcome their depression and anxiety. Hear couples share how running is one more way they keep their marriage happy and healthy.”

Right now, during their 7:30 Summer Series, Fishers Running Club meets every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Wooden Bear in Geist, and every Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. at NerdyGirl Cupcakes. Check out their webpage fishersrunningclub.com for details about their membership levels and options. Fishers Running Club is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For now, the club will keep the Saturday morning start time of 7:30 a.m. through the Monumental Marathon in November. Fussell says they’ll be altering their midweek schedule as the daylight hours shorten, so be sure to check the club’s social media feeds for the latest schedule and location changes.

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Suzanne Huntzinger has a journalism degree from IU and has lived in the Geist community for 18 years.

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