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Key Inventory: The Key to Protecting Your Personal Property

Introducing the newest service to Geist and surrounding areas — Key Inventory LLC. We’re a full-service inventory company owned by Geist residents Keri and Brian Sackowski specializing in residential, estate and small business inventory.

It’s a service everyone needs, but many don’t realize it until they suffer a loss or disaster. You may ask yourself, “Why would I need a professional inventory”? The first and most critical reason is for insurance purposes.

Check your policy and review the “fine print” under duties of the policyholder after a loss. Yes, you have Personal Property Coverage, but do you know what you have and how much it is worth? Claims adjusters don’t cut checks, they ask for documentation: photographs, written documentation, serial numbers, receipts and more. Having an inventory is key to recovering personal property within a shorter amount of time and gives you piece of mind knowing that your valuable possessions have been accounted for.

A professional inventory allows your family to recover emotionally without the daunting task of compiling an inventory. Most large claims take 12 months to settle on contents. Providing your insurance company with a detailed inventory list can help you settle your claim in a fraction of the time, giving you the opportunity to take care of your family. No one wants to sit in front of an empty spreadsheet guessing what they had in their home or business prior to a disaster.

Don’t want to hire a specialist? You can create your own inventory list, many insurance companies provide online tools that will instruct you with details in how to accomplish this task. Some companies recommend video as well. While this is a good start, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you decide to complete your own inventory, Key Inventory recommends storing a copy of the documents in a safety deposit box or on the cloud.

There are a couple more reasons why someone would need to hire a professional inventory specialist:

Estate Planning
Plans made in advance of the time the household inventory list is needed is a comfort to those who would otherwise have to struggle to pull information together at a time they are least likely to be at their best.

Estate Settlement
Executors’ duties and responsibilities are often overwhelming. The time, stress and turmoil can be alleviated by using the services of an inventory company.

Pre-nuptial Agreements
Helps prove the value of each person’s assets before the households are combined.

Separation of Assets/Divorce
Helps provide a proper split of assets. If one or both spouses own a business, a professionally documented list of the business assets ensures accurate asset value claims.

Items are all too often misplaced or damaged. You’ll have proof with your home inventory documents.

The investment of hiring an inventory professional is minimal compared to what you may not be able to recover. Give yourself and your family piece of mind and call Key Inventory today.

Key Inventory is certified and licensed by NICA. Their inventory process has been reviewed, improved and refined since being established in 2004. Key Inventory is a preferred service provider with Chubb and Cincinnati Insurance, industry leaders.

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