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One Stop Pet Shop

Paws Stop Pet Food & Supplies opens new location

Writer / Matt Keating

Photographer / Amy Payne

Paws Stop Pet Food & Supplies recently moved into a new building at 8909 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, much to the delight of its customers.

Owner David Moore says the new store is just 450 yards west of its old spot on Pendleton Pike.

“We are about a quarter of a mile west of our previous location, just west of Post Road,” Moore says. “We moved into the new building on April 24, and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelming. They just love the unique, new shopping experience, we are so appreciative of their kind words. They love how easy it is to find what they want and are surprised by all the options.”

Before it was Paws Stop, the business was called Feed Mart when it opened more than 27 years ago. In 1999, it became Specialty Pet Food and in 2010, Paws Stop.

“The business was originally more of a feed store,” Moore says. “We also carried dog food and wild bird seed, but it was primarily feed, which we still sell. For a long time, the store was the number one seller of ostrich food, which was supposed to take off as a popular meal. It didn’t.”

Farm fresh eggs, however, are becoming increasingly popular, according to Moore.

“Customers are buying more chickens in the city to get fresh eggs,” Moore says. “We still carry feed for chickens, horses, pigeons and mini pigs. The remnants of the old business remain.”

Moore loves talking to pet lovers and greets them with enthusiasm as soon as they walk in the door.

“We have the largest variety of pet food in central Indiana,” Moore says. “We have 45 brands and numerous formulas. Many foods that are hard to find and a variety of diets many pet lovers see for the first time. That wide selection and our knowledge has made us popular with pet lovers.”

Paws Stop carries a huge selection of wild bird feeders and seeds. They buy their seeds and seed mixes from family-owned businesses, and the custom seed mixes are triple cleaned. If you are an outdoor bird lover you must come in and see the many choices available and the values provided every day.

Paws Stop’s motto is, “We help pet lovers improve the nutrition and health of their pets.”

It’s a motto Moore and his staff adhere to. They want to make a positive difference in the lives of pets.

“We have helped a lot of dogs with bad hip and joints, skin issues, allergies and digestive problems, by changing their diet to the right food,” Moore says. “Pet owners can do these things affordably without medications. A lot of veterinarians recommend us. Our knowledge of the pet foods we sell here is very extensive. We want our customers to be informed pet parents so they actually know what they are feeding their furry family members.”

Taking care of your pet’s nutrition and dental care are the best two things you can do for your dog or cat, according to Moore.

Paws Stop has holistic, natural, organic, grain free and raw diets. They also have many formulas that solve a variety of health and wellness concerns. Skin and coat supplements, oral and dental care products, digestive wellness and hip and joint health products are also available.

“You can feed your pets better at a lower cost than most think,” Moore says. “Many pet lovers buy food based on the cost per pound instead of looking at the cost to feed. We have had the same staff for the last four years and they have been able to make a difference in the lives of so many pets. They receive a lot of food training, and they really can answer your questions.”

Moore added that there are a lot of misconceptions on pet food bags.

“We educate our pet lovers so they know what they are really feeding,” Moore says. “That’s where our team is so beneficial. We really want to inform customers. Pets are such a wonderful part of our lives. We feel very fortunate to be able to make a difference.

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Matt Keating is an instructional assistant and tutor at Amy Beverland Elementary and a freelance writer. He previously worked for The Indianapolis Star, NUVO and Montgomery Zukerman (MZD) Public Relations.

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