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Refining Health and Fitness: SPARX Athletic Refinery

Writer / Jimmy Girot
Photographer  /  Demi Lawrence

“SPARX is for everyone!” That’s what Courtney Roby told me as I questioned the details of their clientele. SPARX is for everyone, from de-conditioned beginners to world-class professional athletes. If anyone knows what it takes to perform at a higher (read: “super elite”) level, it’s Courtney Roby. After all, the SPARX Athletic Refinery owner is a Super Bowl champion. With a stellar team and a diverse list of training services, SPARX Athletic Refinery will undoubtedly build a family of satisfied clients.

I spoke with SPARX owner Courtney Roby and SPARX Operations Manager Krystal Roby about their plans to refine health and fitness in Fishers.

How did the idea for SPARX Athletic Refinery begin?

“SPARX Athletic Refinery came to fruition from the mindset of creating an opportunity and environment for everyone to experience a better fitness lifestyle through the outlet of athletic mechanics and movements. With myself being a 10-year professional athlete and all of our consultants also having professional athletic and performance training backgrounds, we have experienced all the hurdles and the victories and know which training methods have proven most beneficial. We wanted to share these methods while transforming the lives of our clients through a positive experience in a fun atmosphere.”

Why did you choose Fishers as the home of SPARX Athletic Refinery?

“We chose the Fishers location to launch SPARX based on the fact that it’s an upbeat, health conscious community, not to mention we truly love the area. My family has been residents of Fishers for the past 11 years and have seen the rise from a beautiful town to the thriving city of today. Fishers is consistently looked upon as one of the best small cities in the country, we look forward to working extremely hard to becoming a staple within its fitness market.” 

What makes SPARX Athletic Refinery different from the traditional gym or sports training facility?

“We at SPARX look to distinguish ourselves from other facilities based on our unique athletic training methods, extensive health and fitness research, and personal and professional experiences put in practice, not only as consultants but as well as former professionals and athletes. We create an atmosphere that focuses and prides itself on pushing our clients past personal barriers set. We are a facility that not only puts great attention on the physical, but we also focus on the mental and spiritual aspect as well. This is where nutrition health and wellness comes into play. We want to build up your confidence and then surpass, which allows you to become the better athlete, mother, father or fitness enthusiast that you never knew you could be. We can teach you how to reach your goals because we have been there. We have witnessed it first hand and know how to prepare you for the journey to greatness.”

What would you say to a person who wants to become healthier but is intimidated by the idea of exercising?

“Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice. It will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it. Just remember that it is our job as consultants and fitness professionals to assess every individual client and establish a program based on their current level of health and fitness need before any physical training will begin. After that, it’s all about taking it one day at a time. Let us motivate you. No one gets fit from thinking about it. You have to turn those thoughts into action.”

To learn more about SPARX Athletic Refinery, visit sparxathleticrefinery.com or their facility in Fishers at 12800 Ford Drive.

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