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Staying Fit at Geist: The New Year Checkup

Writer / Jimmy Girot III

Moving from contemplation to action is a difficult process for any objective. As 2017 begins, many people take action by taking aim at their “resolution.” Inevitably, many of these resolutions fade away, especially those involving fitness. Maintenance, the stage of sustainability after initial action, proves to be challenging for millions of people each January. The “blank slate” motivation people feel when a new year begins can be powerful; however, it is only effective when paired with discipline.

To learn more about achieving this sustainability and effectiveness within a fitness program, I spoke to Mike Lewkowicz of 1 & Only Fitness.

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make when starting a fitness regimen?

“The biggest mistake I have noticed in my 10-plus years of training is not having specific, measurable goals set out for the client and no plan of attack to reach those goals.”

Do you have any training options for someone who may be intimidated by the traditional gym atmosphere?

“Yes, our atmosphere is very different than the traditional “big box” gyms. We have a personalized approach with each client, including a body composition test, movement screen, nutrition analysis and guidance. We set specific goals and care about our clients. You’re not just a number at 1 & Only Fitness.”

What is the key to maintaining a program and achieving results that are sustainable?

“Having a set plan on how many times you are training weekly, setting out a cardiovascular goal for each week and following our diet advice. Average weight loss with these three components is 10 to 12 pounds of body fat.”

Are there certain things people should look for when hiring a trainer or considering a gym?

“Making sure you can connect with the person, even after the first session, is important. Observe how they work with other clients before making a hire, so you can see if this person is the right fit for you.”

Do you have a certain approach or philosophy to nutrition?

“Yes, limiting grains and processed sugars in your lifestyle is effective. We avoid fake sweeteners and making sure you’re getting the right amount of ‘good fats’ daily. Make sure to get your water in too.”

Back on Track

As a Certified Exercise Physiologist and medical fitness professional, I emphasize the importance of sustainability no matter what time of the year it is. To dovetail the advice of Mike Lewkowicz, when hiring a fitness professional or joining a health club, people should also look for credible certifications — American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) are two standards.

Located in downtown Fishers, inspires members to embrace, adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles one challenge at a time. For more information, visit 1andonlyfitness.com or stop by its world-class facility on East 116th Street.

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Jimmy Girot III is a Fortville-based freelance writer and Certified Exercise Physiologist in the Geist area.

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