Writer / Matt Keating

Photographer / JWcreative.indy

David Storvick, Pastor and Director of 148 Ministries, says his ministry’s wellness center has already helped numerous people with their struggles against sex abuse, sex trafficking, and addiction problems.

He stressed that the wellness center helps victims with their physical, mental and spiritual health by taking a holistic approach.

“148 stands for 1 Timothy 4:8, which says that physical training is of some value, but Godliness has value in all things,” Storvick says. “This facility was created to allow people to have a place where they can create change all in one place. We are an ‘all in one’ wellness center that offers gym memberships, physical therapy, counseling, personal training, group fitness classes, and semi-private training.”

148 Wellness was created out of 148 Ministries with a mission to help abused and addicted men and women.

“Part of the profits from 148 Wellness goes toward helping the non-profit organization and supporting it’s mission,” Storvick says.

The venture was started by Storvick and his wife, Amber, and physical therapist, Chris Walker.

“Here at 148 Wellness, we care more about just a number on a scale,” Storvick says. “Our mission is to strengthen you for a better life. With all the stress, crazy schedules, and a lack of focusing on yourself, it comes with a cost.”

Storvick added that, “Unfortunately, this can lead to a form of depression, lack of self confidence, self judgement, and most importantly, not being happy with who you are. We are the only ‘all in one’ facility in Greenwood that offers gym membership, personal training, physical therapy, and biblical counseling, with a portion of the proceeds going toward supporting a ministry that reaches out to the abused, addicted and trafficked in our own community.”

Storvick noted that the center has become a place where people can find a way to recover from their past problems, and work toward a positive goal.

“It’s a wonderful program,” he says. “Some of our clients who are recovering from addictions or trauma either need personal training, physical therapy, counseling or more education to help them become self-sufficient.”

148 Wellness has a monthly sponsorship program that, through an application process, people can apply to have their membership sponsored at 100% of the cost.

“This allows clients that have gone through our residential treatment center programs to come to 148 Wellness to receive training, physical therapy and counseling at no cost,” Storvick says. “This approach allows clients to get physical, mental and spiritual assistance at no cost to them.”

148 Wellness opened in February 2019.

“We are a gym that uses a holistic approach when making a program for you,” Storvick says. “We first listen to what you want, and what your expectations are. From there we guide you and coach you on ways to better your life through accountability, education, and simply just being there for you through your journey. We are a private gym that is open to anyone.”

148 Wellness creates a community approach for their members, and they offer the following services: 24/7 gym membership, physical therapy, muscle activation therapy, dry needling, corrective exercise, rehabilitation, a fitness program/148 app, semi-private training, group fitness classes, movement centered therapy, nutrition coaching, and biblical counseling.

Storvick noted that 148 Wellness has had a good response from their recent open house, and from Mayor Mark Myers.

“We had a gentleman drop off flowers and tell us that he appreciated what we are doing for the community and others,” Storvick says. “We have parents who have children suffering from addiction, and we provide a group support system for those people. We have partnered with other businesses in the Greenwood area such as First Harvest, Agape Pizza, Kinetic Symmetry, and Brickhouse Coffee Company to create another sense of community.”

For more information, visit 148ministries.com or call 317-435-5427. 148 Wellness is located at 500 S. Polk St., Suite 40 in Greenwood.