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A Lifelong Vision for Dr. Nytarsha Thomas

Opening Visionelle Eyecare, located at 6618 Whitestown Parkway, Zionsville, is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Dr. Nytarsha Thomas. It’s a dream that sprang from humble beginnings and that was made possible by the hard work of Dr. Thomas and her family.

Dr. Thomas grew up in very modest surroundings in the Houston area. She credits her family for constantly making the sacrifices of time and energy to provide her the best academic opportunities possible. Dr. Thomas fondly remembers her grandfather frequently driving her long distances, so she could attend the better schools in the area. These efforts were rewarded when she received an academic scholarship to attend Texas Southern University. From there, she received her Doctorate in Optometry (OD) from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO), one of the oldest and most prestigious optometry schools in the country.

Dr. Thomas and her husband Tobe moved to the Zionsville area in 2013. Tobe’s life story is not unlike his wife’s. As immigrants from Nigeria, Tobe and his family settled in the San Francisco area when he was 8 years old. Like Dr. Thomas, through hard work and the supporting efforts of his family, he was able to attend quality academic institutions and to attain his lifelong dream of being a pilot.

Tobe said he can remember being in Nigeria as a small boy looking up to see planes flying overhead and dreaming of flying them one day. Currently, he flies Embrair 170 jets for Republic Airways.

It was a relocation by Republic Airways that brought the Thomas’ to the Zionsville area. Dr. Thomas said they chose Zionsville because of its proximity to the airport, and they simply fell in love with the community.

As part of Dr. Thomas’ studies at optometry school, she received specialized training and practical experience in pediatric optometry. While Dr. Thomas certainly treats patients of all ages, she especially enjoys the challenges in treating pediatric patients. Dr. Thomas sees patients as young as 6 months old. According to Dr. Thomas, early detection of many conditions is the key to reducing their severity later in life. That is why the American Optometric Association recommends having your child’s eyes examined as early as six months of age. Dr. Thomas is so passionate about pediatric optometry that she said someday she could see herself having a separate practice devoted solely to it.

Additionally, Dr. Thomas plans on offering a clinic in the next couple months specializing in treatments for patients suffering with dry eye syndrome. If you’re a dry eye sufferer, check Visionelle Eyecare’s website in the future for an announcement with the specifics for the clinic.

By working in other optometry practices, Dr. Thomas was able to draw upon those experiences when she started designing the patient experience she wanted for Visionelle Eyecare. For the interior of Visionelle, Dr. Thomas wanted it to have a modern and clean design, but with a relaxed, almost spa-like feel expressed through the surroundings.

In keeping with this theme, Visionelle Eyecare offers its patients refreshments such as specialized coffees and wine. Most important to Dr. Thomas is that her patients receive personalized service in which she is able to spend the requisite amount of time to get to know them and make sure they fully understand the results of an examination or a treatment prescribed.

She feels that too many optometry practices today are operated with a production line mentality where patients are methodically allotted only a short amount of time to interact with the doctor.

Visionelle Eyecare also offers a wide range of eyeglass frames. You will find moderately priced frames which are covered by insurance and also high-end fashion frames by designers such as Tom Ford, lafont, OGI and Pro-design. Visionelle Eyecare has a licensed optician to help you chose the perfect eyewear and to assure the proper fit. To better serve its patients, Visionelle Eyecare offers warranties on eyewear that are second to none.

Let’s all welcome Dr. Thomas and her Visionelle Eyecare staff to Zionsville. We are sure that you will enjoy an exceptional patient experience while Dr. Thomas shares her dream at Visionelle Eyecare.

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