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Zionsville ice cream shop serves up delicious treats

Writer / Matt Keating
Photographer / Brian Brosmer

Elizabeth Demaree, co-owner of The Scoop Ice Cream and Treats, 305 South Main Street, Zionsville, says there is a positive message behind the name of her business.

“Well, some may not know why our ice cream parlor is called The Scoop,” Demaree says. “Yes, we have scoops of ice cream, but the naming of The Scoop was more a play on words relating to media terminology. This is how we coined our signature creations — Talk of the Town, Brownie Down Low, Peanut Butter Publications. The media is increasingly present today, and the general tone has been negative.

“I was tired of hearing myself say, ‘I’m sick of negative media. So, on June 23, 2014, The Scoop was opened to make a positive change in our community.”

Demaree has a Scoop Ordinary Hero Award to recognize people doing good things to help others.

“The award’s main objective is to recognize those who have made a positive impact on others, and to scoop about it,” Demaree says. “The response has been amazing. Nominations have been coming in many forms, from all ages and from all over the country.”

If the nomination is not selected in the month it was received, it still can win in upcoming months.

“It is not uncommon to see tears of joy as the recipients learn they have been chosen as our hero of the month,” Demaree says. “As our customers enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream, they can also learn a little scoop about someone at the same time, possibly a complete stranger.”

The essay submission, along with a picture of the hero, is posted on the counter where customers can see it as they enter The Scoop.

The Ordinary Hero for each month gets to choose their favorite ice cream flavor, which is named after them for the month, and their favorite charity. Ten percent of the monthly proceeds from this flavor are donated to the hero’s charity of choice.

“Through the Ordinary Hero award, we have been able to recognize the kind-hearted people in our community, as well as generate proceeds that help others outside of our community,” Demaree said.

The Scoop recently celebrated its third anniversary on June 23. It is co-owned by Demaree and her husband, John.

“Everyone who comes in here loves the building, which is from the late 1800s,” Demaree says. “We wanted to preserve it for our town and turn it into something special.”

Demaree has lived in Zionsville for 40 years. She says The Scoop has been a special place for her, especially after losing several family members, including her father and mother.

“Creating something positive in honor of them seemed to be a natural response. Opening The Scoop helped me transition through the grief process,” she says.

The welcoming Demaree oversees the entire fun and uplifting business. A wide selection of high quality ice cream is offered. Playing board games and doing weekly brain teasers are just another way The Scoop involves their customers.

Demaree said The Scoopers, the store employees, are the number one reason The Scoop is what it is today.

“I can teach anyone to teach scoop ice cream, but I can’t instill their morals and values,” Demaree says. “These kids are leading our futures, and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to have such a fine crew. They are a very creative bunch, and they work hard.”

The Scoopers have been helping get their tasty treats out to the community via ice cream vending carts.

“We have been to Lions Park, The Broad Ripple Art Fair, graduations and weddings,” Demaree says. “It’s been a great way to get out and meet new customers and spread the happiness.”

About Matt Keating

Matt Keating is an instructional assistant and tutor at Amy Beverland Elementary and a freelance writer. He previously worked for The Indianapolis Star, NUVO and Montgomery Zukerman (MZD) Public Relations.

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