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Pearson Automotive Tennis Club Celebrates Grand Opening

Zionsville now boasts a state-of-the-art tennis facility

Writer & Photographer / Stephanie Duncan

Four years ago, four men who had a shared passion for tennis had an idea. The  Zionsville residents realized that their town lacked an indoor tennis facility. So, Rick Witsken, Dave Hunt, Mike Marine and Derek Mandel set out to make this idea and dream a reality.

The Pearson Automotive Tennis Club is a state-of-the-art tennis facility located in Zionsville that recently celebrated its grand opening.

With eight indoor temperature-controlled courts, professional lighting and an upper mezzanine where people can see all courts from above, the Pearson Automotive Tennis Club is one of the best indoor tennis facilities in the state of Indiana. The club offers private and group classes, leagues and tournaments.

The Pearson Automotive Tennis Club is also a nonprofit, offering people interested in the new facility to come check it out and play for free the first time, while also allowing school teams to practice a few times throughout the week.

Derek Mandel, co-founder of the club, also praised fellow co-founder Dave Hunt on steering this vision in the right direction.

“Dave steered the ship, put in the most hours and really was the driving force in keeping this project moving,” Mandel says. “We realized if we were going to do this, we needed help.”

When Pearson Automotive wanted to help out with the project, the guys were able to get the ball rolling. Rick Witsken, co-founder and coach, is thankful for the team aspect that has developed in opening the club.

“The board we recruited that has volunteered their time, are very good people, and they love the game of tennis,” Witsken says.

An advantage of this facility is the amount of talent they have on board as coaches. 

“We have so much experience on this staff,” Witsken says. “We all have trained with each other to execute the same techniques and strategies and feel very connected as a staff.”

The club also now offers free clinics to teach pickleball.

“Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America,” Witsken says.

Pickleball is a tennis-inspired sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, paired with a modified net and racquets.

Witsken, who is a former pro tennis player and longtime instructor, is excited for this new facility because it has the opportunity to serve so many people. His company, Team Witsken Tennis, has already been located in Zionsville for 17 years, and Witsken says this new facility removes some of the limitations he and others have experienced in the past. With lack of indoor space to coach and for people to play, he’s excited how this space will serve as an option for growth.

To understand Pearson Automotive Tennis Club you have to go out and see it in person. With a friendly, knowledgeable staff and supportive coaches, this club wants to share its passion for tennis. The Pearson Automotive Tennis Club is located at 4560 South County Road 875 east, adjacent to the Zionsville High School Athletic Complex. To find out more information or to reserve a court, visit PearsonTennis.com.

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