Writer  /  Megan Jefferson
Photographer  /  Brandy Hornback

Siro Derrer-Brooks has an incredible eye for fashion. She grew up in Helsinki, Finland with four sisters and three brothers. Living in Europe, close to Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Derrer-Brooks was influenced by high fashion trends. Both of her parents were into fashion and her mother taught her to sew at an early age. Her mother made a lot of her clothes and also taught her how to design and create clothing.

Derrer-Brooks credits her mother’s influence for cultivating her love of fashion.

50 years ago, Derrer-Brooks’ entire family was sponsored by a family in Illinois, which allowed them to come to the United States. They recently honored their sponsors with a celebration and thanked them for helping them immigrate here.

Derrer-Brooks met her husband in Illinois. They operated a business selling Belgian Draft Horses, which are similar to Clydesdales. She met several people in this industry and became their personal shopper — many of these clients are some of her top customers now. Eventually, Derrer-Brooks and her husband moved to Carmel, Indiana.

When Derrer-Brooks’ three sons all entered college, she took on a part-time job to help pay their tuition. She worked at Jacobson’s and Nordstrom as a personal shopper and wardrobe designer. She quickly became one of the top salespeople, taking on personal shopper clients by appointment only.

Derrer-Brooks retired but decided it was time to realize her dream and open her own boutique. After looking at several locations, she committed to open Siro’s Chic Boutique in Zionsville. Her heart was set on a prime business location, the retail space across from the famous Friendly Tavern. A lot of remodeling had to be done in order to get the gorgeous boutique to the space it is now. The hard work was worth the wait.

“It’s a wonderful place to be,” she says. “I love that it’s a unique, historic town and the community is wonderful.”

Siro’s Chic Boutique celebrated its 5-year anniversary last November. The boutique celebrates couture fashion, offers the highest customer service and sells the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, dresses and denim.

“Serving customers and doing personal shopping is my favorite part of owning my own shop,” Derre-Brooks says. “I love going to trade shows, thinking about what my customers need and buying items for them.”

There is something for everyone at Siro’s. Jewelry item prices range from $5 to $450. The main clientele is women who range in age from their late 20s to late 50s. The boutique carries higher-end clothing, from casual to work wear to evening wear, too.

Siro’s recently added a home décor and gifts department to their store as well.

“We try to have items that would suit a farmhouse, or city home, from shabby chic to traditional,” Derrer-Brooks says.

Siro’s Chic Boutique is located at 285 S Main St in Zionsville. You can visit them online at siroschicboutique.com or give them a call at 317-344-0316.