Zionsville’s Newest Chocolate Shop Experiencing Success In Former Ganache Chocolatier Location

Photographer / Ryan Woodall

“It just happened!” says Natasha Hovyadinova, as she explains how she and her husband Sergei became the owners of Truffles & Creams Chocolatier located at 55 East Pine Street in Zionsville.

Originally from Ukraine, the couple and their two sons lived in England, Russia and California before settling in Zionsville two years ago. One of the things the family loved about the area was that the village had a shop selling fine chocolates. When they learned Ganache Chocolatier was shutting its doors, they felt it would be a huge loss.

“Our thought was, ’No! it can’t be closing down!’” Hovyadinova says.

After discussions with Ganache owner Lisa Lueck, the existing shop was purchased and last fall they were on their way to opening their own establishment in the very same location. While her husband was handling the financial aspects of the business, Hovyadinova was busy learning how to make exquisite bite-sized confections.

“I didn’t know a lot about chocolate, but now I do,” Hovyadinova says. “Lisa trained me to make truffles and I read books as well as watching video tutorials.”

A truffle consists of a chocolate shell filled with velvety ganache, a mixture of chocolate and heavy cream. They are flavored with fruits like bananas, strawberries or raspberries as well as liquors such as bourbon, whiskey or Chambord. Hovyadinova is proud of the superior components that go into making the goods she sells.

“Many of the ingredients are organic,” she says. “Real raspberries are used in the ganache so it gives the truffle more flavor and it tastes natural. The chocolate itself is of very good quality.

“But there are people who don’t like truffles, so they can go for the creams. The heart of a cream is a cream-based filling that can be made of fruit or flavored with espresso, vanilla or chocolate hazelnut.”

The only thing that makes the experience of biting into the glossy outside covering and savoring the rich smooth center of one of Hovyadinova’s creations even better, is sipping a cup of good coffee or tea along with it. The beverages are brewed to order and there is a dedicated area to enjoy them in, complete with a comfortable couch, tea table and a bookcase full of books on chocolate.

The store also offers several other sweet treats. There are varieties of barks, toffees and peanut butter cups available. Very popular are the inclusion bars made with Maranon chocolate topped with freeze-dried pieces of fruit such as mango, banana or berries. For those who need a hostess gift in a hurry, pre-boxed assortments of both round and square truffles are available with prices ranging from $9 to $48. Some products, such as the new chocolate hazelnut spread, can be ordered through Market Wagon, an online delivery surface specializing in local foods. Hovyadinova will also ship by request.

“We chose Zionsville because it looked like a nice place to raise a family,” Hovyadinova says. “We never thought we would own a chocolate shop but people have been very receptive. Old customers that came to Ganache have come back to our store, and we have new customers too.”

Truffles & Creams Chocolatier is located at 55 East Pine Street in Zionsville. You can visit them at trufflesandcreams.com or give them a call at 317-560-6355 for more information.