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Zionsville 2017 Mom of the Year Finalists

You’ve sent in your nominations, and now it’s time to decide the Mom of the Year! The following are finalists for 2017 Zionsville Mom of the Year. Visit atzionsville.com to cast your vote for the winner. The deadline to vote is April 15, and you can vote once daily until then.

Jane Winters

Nominated by Leigh Ann Akard, who says:

Jane Winters works in her family business and is a founding member of The HAWK Foundation (for special needs families) and founding member of ZFD Support Services. Jane is the mother of Kacey (who has Down syndrome) and Clay and proud grandma of two. Clay is an involved contributor to the Zionsville business community and Kacey volunteers in town and brings a smile to everyone (she knows no strangers). Great kids like this are a product of a loving and giving Mother. Jane is the first to give back to anyone in need whether from her business or personally (and many times anonymously).   

Kim Miller

Nominated by Megan ONeill, who says:

In the past three years, my mom has managed to lose and keep off 100 pounds through diet change and becoming an avid runner. Her journey inspired me to also pick up running after the birth of my second child, and I subsequently lost 70 pounds! Running is now one of our favorite things to do together. Her companionship and her cooking help keep me sane and healthy. Her strength, determination, patience and passion continue to inspire me everyday. She is truly who I want to be when I “grow up”!

Lora Snider

Nominated by Leigh Ann Akard, who says:

Lora proudly lists her “job” on Facebook as “Mom of Dakota and Samantha (Sammy)” and wife. Her daughter has CP, mitochondrial disease and agenesis of the corpus callosum. She lovingly calls her their “lil angel.” And her son is one of the most generous and loving preteens ever. Lora lives out her faith by loving her family and always looking for ways to give back to those who have given to her family. She is one of the most generous loving souls you will ever meet. She faces every challenge leaning into her faith and with a thankful, loving heart!

Michal Mellencamp

Nominated by Paula Kiraly, who says:

After raising two daughters, Michal and her husband, Phil, decided to adopt two 2-year old twin boys from Mexico. Their mother was abusive and a friend (from church) called Michal and Phil to see if they would take the boys into their home for a while. Well, that while turned into eight years! The boys are now 10 years old, healthy, happy, doing well in school and are officially adopted! Their birth daughters were out of high school, going to college and Michal and Phil were in their 40’s when they decided to adopt the twin boys!  Can you imagine after raising two daughters successfully to adulthood and then taking on the responsibility of two toddlers? I don’t think too many people could do that!

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