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Business Spotlight: 911 Restoration

Accidents don’t take a day off, so the professionals at 911 Restoration Louisville are available 24/7 to address home emergency situations. The company specializes in home restoration for water damage, fire and smoke damage and natural disasters, as well as sewage backup cleaning and mold removal.

“We’re always ready for any kind of disaster,” says Saul Cruz, owner of 911 Restoration Louisville. “As soon as we get a call we try to be there as quickly as possible.”

Because many situations will only get worse until they are resolved, the company offers same-day service for all emergencies. They recognize the importance of making a great first impression and work with customers to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Cruz’s background in hospitality management, including years spent working in restaurants and hotels, prepared him to start 911 Restoration Louisville in 2014. He was joined by co-owner Pablo Marroquin two years later, and the pair now have several contractors and employees who help fix home disaster problems across 72 zip codes in the greater Louisville area.

The entire 911 Restoration Louisville team is certified in the latest restoration techniques through IICRC standards. The team enjoys the opportunity to expand their professional reach, and Cruz is always looking for new ways for the business to help customers with their home needs.

“Since we opened, we’ve been trying to learn about all the categories of damages and reconstruction, so we can diversify and keep growing,” Cruz says. “One of the best things about this job is that you don’t just stay in one place. You keep learning, you learn something different every day.”

Building a strong rapport and relationship with customers is also important to Cruz and is one of the things that makes 911 Restoration Louisville stand out from the competition.

“Everybody’s after business,” Cruz says. “What makes my job different is the treatment of the customer and the time we spend with them.”

The knowledgeable staff helps with every step of the process, helping people reclaim their homes and sense of security.

“It’s a true prize to be able to not only give people back the ability to use their homes but also to give them back the foundation for their version of the American Dream,” Cruz says.

911 Restoration Louisville works with customers to develop a strategic plan to ensure the job is done correctly the first time, saving customers both time and money. The staff even helps customers file insurance claims, which can be one of the most frustrating parts of the disaster recovery process.

A home disaster of any size is a stressful event for homeowners, and Cruz and his team are there to mitigate that stress as much as possible. Once everyone is on the same page, the team can begin the restoration process.

“What the customer needs to know first is that we know what we’re doing,” Cruz says. “When we calm everything down and they know somebody’s got their backs, it makes things a lot easier.”

Tragic natural disasters like the hurricanes that hit several states and Caribbean islands over the summer have turned more recent attention to flooding and its devastating effects on homes, but hurricanes are just one of the causes of residential flooding.

The 911 Restoration Louisville crew has some tips to help prevent water damage in homes around the Louisville area. These include cleaning out gutters so they don’t overflow, checking pipes for rusting or corrosion, replacing fittings and hoses on water-based appliances at least once every five years and having a restoration expert inspect your property for any trouble spots that may lead to water damage down the road.

Combatting water damage is also a large part of the restoration process following a house fire. For the smallest of fires, the biggest damages done are usually a result of the water used to combat the flame. The 911 Restoration Louisville team extracts the water and the remnants left behind so air quality is not affected in the ensuing months.

Mold removal is another facet of 911 Restoration Louisville’s services, and the staff works hard to clear homes of mold so owners can live and breathe comfortably in their homes again. The mold removal process includes creating a decontamination area so the infestations do not spread and following up with a decontamination spray after everything has been removed to stifle the growth of future microorganisms.

Cruz lives just a few miles from Jeffersontown and is looking forward to engaging more with the community.

For more information about 911 Restoration Louisville, or to request an appointment, call 502-234-1038 or visit 911restorationlouisville.com.

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