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Take a Breath this Holiday Season

November falls in a season of gratitude and holiday preparation. Between all the planning and shopping, remember to pause and take a breath. November is also Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Inhale. Exhale. It’s so simple, but just what exactly does that mean? Lungs are hardworking organs and essential to life. They take in oxygen from the air and supply it to red blood cells. Red blood cells distribute oxygen to other organs and tissues. Then, our bodies use the oxygen to make carbon dioxide, a waste product that our lungs expel by exhaling. “We normally take a breath 12-20 times ...

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Alliance for Diversity

Hendricks County Group Encourages Open Conversations at Events Writer  /  Melissa Gibson   In 2002, Sam Carman and other members of the Danville Unitarian Universalist Church recognized the increasing diversity in and around Hendricks County. “We felt it was a very good thing, but could see that not everyone agreed,” Carman says. “We started looking for ways to prepare and smooth the way for growing diversity.” After holding a public meeting, Carman says the group could see the effort wouldn’t be a church initiative but rather, a community initiative as people from all walks of life attended, showing support. The ...

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Cardiac Stents That Dissolve

IU Health West Cardiologist explains new technology that the body can absorb Each year, more than half a million Americans undergo a procedure to place cardiac stents – small, metal mesh tubes used to prop open and de-clog arteries. Metal stents have become the gold standard over the years, but a new kind of cardiac stent recently approved by the FDA dissolves in the body instead of staying in place indefinitely like metal stents. They’re called bio-absorbable vascular scaffolding, or biodegradable stents. “These are stents that have a scaffold, or body, made of polylactic acid that dissolves over time,” explains ...

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Five Tricks to Dump Holiday Stress Off Your Plate

Writer / Darren Boston Here we go again! From office parties to family gatherings, the holidays’ starch-laden meals, delectable treats and overflowing cocktails could cause even a health guru like Dr. Oz to stumble. To avoid holiday missteps, arm yourself with a plan for navigating around punch bowls of eggnog and break rooms stocked with tempting treats and leftovers. “Healthy eating during the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore if you know a few simple tricks,” says Joni Fiscus, clinical dietician at Indiana University Health West Hospital. “And let’s face it – the holidays can be stressful enough without ...

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