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Year After Year, Perennials Keep Coming Back!

Writer / Carrie Petty This is the time of year to plant flowers! Flowers bring extra beauty and happiness into our world, and the best kind of flowering plant is the kind that keeps coming back year after year — the perennial. Growing perennials is one of the easiest ways to garden. I have more than 40 varieties of perennials in my yard, I just love them because they give me a great ‘cutting’ selection all growing season long in which to make beautiful floral arrangements. In the summer months, entertaining and gardening life go hand in hand. Purchasing Perennials ...

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Daydreaming of Your Garden

Writer  /  Carrie Petty Planning and dreaming a bit is what I am doing during the deep, slumber month of January. Pouring through seed catalogs and drafting my new garden designs in sketch books over a good Merlot. But, February … February is a gardener’s month. Hard to believe, I know. When you garden, your winter is shorter! My “sap” starts to rise as a gardener, there are many chores to be accomplished, and I am seeing daily glimpses of what’s to come: SPRING! As the days are now growing longer, I get out in the yard on the clear ...

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Gardening Nana – Cheerful Anticipation

Writer  /  Nancy Craig Anticipation: “wishing with confidence of fulfillment” or “hopeful waiting” My great nieces, Lindsey and Lauren, are three-year-old twins, and they love to learn new big words as they help me in our flower gardens. Anticipation is our big word while we plant crocuses. The twins will learn about anticipation, as we wait for those corms (bulbs) we plant this fall to become delightful colorful flowers in the early spring. In addition, since crocus means cheerfulness in the language of flowers, we will have cheerful anticipation. We love the tulips, but the crocuses are the first flowers ...

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