In 1976, the West Grove Elementary School students and teachers buried a time capsule in front of the school to be opened on July 4th in the year 2000. Led by longtime Principal Mr. Broyer, students created several papers, letters, drawings and even an audio recording of every student on the only audio cassette recorder in the school.

Long-time principal George Broyer returned to West Grove Elementary, now Southland Community Church, to help locate the 1976 time capsule.

Mr. Broyer tried unsuccessfully to locate the time capsule, citing that the reference trees he had planted died and were removed. In a Daily Journal article, Broyer said, “the trees had died, so when it came time to dig up the time capsule, no one could find it.”

On November 6, 2017, Center Grove Magazine publisher and West Grove alumni Tom Britt led an effort to locate and excavate the time capsule at Southland Community Church, formerly West Grove Elementary. Much of the day was captured on live Facebook video, including the clips below. With the help of Mr. Broyer, Center Grove School Board President Jack Russell, and support from the Southland Community Church, the time capsule was located!

Photo Album from the Day

West Grove Time Capsule Excavation Nov 5, 2017


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For Former Students

If you were a student or faculty member at West Grove Elementary in 1976, please fill out the form below so that we may return your items to you. This is a volunteer effort, so any donation you can make will go towards the postage, unearthing and any other expenses incurred. Any surplus moneys will be donated to the Center Grove Education Foundation.