Main Street Barber Shop Owner Talks Nearly 13 Years of Success in Carmel

Photographer: Lucas Cooley

When Jason “Hogjawz” Peek makes up his mind to do something, he doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in his way. After spending 12 years in the construction industry working as a concrete finisher, carpenter and mason, he was ready to train for a new career. To everyone’s surprise, he enrolled at Indiana Barber College.

“I was tired of working my butt off and feeling like I was a number to companies in the union,” Peek says. “I also had my daughter Ariel on the way. I decided that 80 hours a week wouldn’t work for a family so I took the plunge.”

Upon graduating, Peek took a position at the old Carmel Barber Shop, but within five-and-a-half-years, he decided to go into business for himself. His three colleagues joined him and together they opened Main Street Barber Shop on June 3, 2006.

“We were right across the street from the other place and I had my shop up, running and butts in the chairs within 11 days,” he says. “I spent a lot of late nights building it out, but it was worth it. The other shop closed and never reopened.”

Peek says although they have been open nearly 13 years, in a sense, the Main Street Barber Shop is a natural extension of Carmel’s original Beards Barber Shop, which then became the Carmel Barber Shop. He says there has been a barbershop on Main Street for 87 years and hopefully that tradition can continue.

It’s clear that the community is pleased with the shop’s presence as well as Peek’s commitment to civic engagement. Not only do they participate in charity events for St. Baldrick’s and the Tatum Parker Project for pediatric cancer, but they also hand out a lot of gift cards, contribute services for charity auctions and collect blankets and clothing for the less fortunate. In addition, they donate sports drinks to the Carmel High School football team during the hot summer two-a-day practices.

“Those kids work so hard and do a great job,” Peek says. “The least we can do is quench their thirst.”

What makes the Main Street Barber Shop a cut above the rest is more than their philanthropic efforts but the care they put into their services and how they let the end result speak for itself. Peek prides himself on keeping the same crew with him over the years and feels that their biggest success is in the reputation the community has bestowed on them as well as the clients who return time and time again.

“We have people from all over Hamilton County telling us that we are the best around, and we have people from all over Indiana telling us that they have heard about us,” he says. “We are humbled by the words and feelings people have expressed to us.” 

Peek says he hopes to install two more barbers by the spring and is looking to expand his days and hours to accommodate more clients including ladies and children. He also plans to open more Real Main Street Barber Shops throughout Hamilton County as he can.

“We’ll just keep rolling on when opportunity knocks,” he says.

Main Street Barber Shop is located at 41 W. Main Street in Carmel. Give them a call at 317-846-8455 or visit them online at