Writer & Photographer / Johnette Cruz

Looking for a new spot that offers all the things self-care? If so, Bargersville Wellness is where you need to go! Owners Blythe Potter and Ashley Auld both grew up in the Center Grove area and have an amazing, long-standing friendship. Combine that with their unparalleled knowledge in the health and beauty industry and you’ve got yourself a winner! Bargersville Wellness doubles as a spa and yoga studio and has really created its own niche in their area of expertise. We talked with both owners on what drives them to stand out from the rest. 

There are a lot of beauty salons in this area. How is yours different?

Blythe: “Not many salons and spas consider hair and skin/body therapies to be wellness nor do they include yoga which has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia and many other western-world induced ailments.

We have been committed to sustainability from day one. We will not use products that have animal derived ingredients or that have been tested on animals. Our makeup and hair care lines completely revolve around being as close to zero impact as possible. Our equipment and furnishings are mostly second-hand. We use recycled toilet paper, LED lighting, plastic-free laundry detergent and more. 

We are also members of the Green Circle Salons family which means we are able to recycle more than 95% of the waste we create which includes hair trimmings, wax sticks/strips, old electronics, lights, styrofoam, almost everything (except food).”

What is your greatest joy from owning your own business?

Blythe: “The greatest joy is being able to truly create change in this industry in the way we interact with the public, other industry professionals, our colleagues and our environment. We now have the power to be the change. We get to call the shots in our careers. It is amazing!”

Ashley: “I love inspiring others in the industry. Watching the women I have trained grow into amazing stylists fills my heart.”

What has been challenging?

Blythe: “Everything! As a former military employee, I should have known the SBA and permitting processes would be a challenge, but they each took much longer than we had planned for. Construction was also quite interesting, but we had some amazing contractors! I have learned to be a little less stressed about the pivots I will take in owning a business.”

Ashley: “Through this process, I have learned to let go of control. Really, I had to. There were so many things that were out of our control during our build-out phase and there was nothing we could have done to prevent or change them.” 

Do you give back to the community?

Blythe: “We do community cleanups at least once a month, we have donated time and packages to many local schools and fundraisers, and I do think that partnering with Green Circle Salons counts as giving back to the community. We are able to divert a lot of landfill space and water waste with GCS.” 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Blythe: “My kids, my life experience, other business owners, life, Ashley, you name it!”

Ashley: “I inspire to be better every day because of my family, friends, Blythe and my clients.”

What would you tell your younger self today?

Blythe: “Absolutely nothing. I have made so many mistakes but that is how I learn. Every little misstep and victory brought me here.”

Ashley: “I am who I am today because of the mistakes I made. I can’t imagine who I would be without them.” 

What Drives you? 

Blythe: “I have always been very motivated and driven. My 12-year-old told me she was proud of me when we opened, so I suppose part of my drive comes from wanting to be a good role model for our kids.”

Ashley: “In general, I am a very driven person as well. I want to teach my kids that the sky is the limit. If you have dreams, set goals to get there. I want to inspire women all over to work together and support each other.”

Connect with Bargersville Wellness at bargersvillewellness.com  on Facebook at facebook.com/bargersvillewellness or on Instagram at @bargersvillewellness for more information.