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New Fishers bible study brings women together for discussions on faith

Writer / Suzanne Huntzinger

You don’t have to be a bible scholar to join the Bible Study for Women of Fishers. The group’s first meeting was held September 14. Led by author Sherrie Eldridge, the bible study will meet every Thursday at the Kroger at 116th and Cumberland Road in the upper level from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Women of all denominations are welcome to come and join in friendship and camaraderie as the group explores What’s Special About Jesus. Ladies are not required to bring your bibles. Handouts will be provided for discussion, which will focus on what the bible say about Jesus, what Jesus says about himself and what the verses say about you and how they apply in your life.

The Bible Study group was created out of an idea that came to leader Sherrie Eldridge and stuck with her for a long time.

“We all eat to maintain our physical health,” Eldridge says, “But how do we fill our souls? That’s what this bible study is about.”

Eldridge calls bible study a life changer for her. At one point in her life, she says she was “dragged to bible study” but soon realized how the group helped her see life differently.

“One day, my daughter asked me who Jesus is and I couldn’t tell her. Now, life has meaning for me, and I have an exciting life purpose,” Eldridge says.

The Fishers Bible Study for Women is not the first bible study Eldridge has led. She was previously a bible study fellowship teaching leader for five years.

“I’ve seen how people change when they see themselves through God’s eyes,” Eldridge says.

This time around, she has a team to assist her. Susie Pike, Joyce Turner and Dorsey Hart are teaming up with Eldridge for this spiritual enrichment group. Turner is the Store Manager of the 116th and Cumberland location. She’ll be offering coffee and snacks at the weekly meetings, and guests are welcome to stay and have lunch at Kroger afterward.

“Partnering with Kroger is really cool,” Eldridge says.

The meetings have a casual format. Members need not worry about homework, and since the discussions are not progressive, you won’t have to try and catch up if you aren’t able to attend a session. One of the topics will be Jesus Your BFF, how to talk to him and ask for help. In addition to the weekly bible study meetings, Eldridge will also be writing a bible study class called Inductive Bible Study.

Inspiring others spiritually is second nature to Eldridge. She’s penned seven books about adoption including “Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish,” “20 Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make” and “Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed.”

It’s a subject Eldridge knows about first hand because she was adopted. As a passionate advocate of adoption, she wrote the books from the perspective of seeing life through the eyes of an adopted child.

“I had a lot of questions that arose as an adoptee,” Eldridge says. “These books help to answer those questions for the child just as much as they do for the parent.”

Eldridge speaks to national and international audiences on a variety of adoption topics, and in 2010, Indiana Congressional Representative Dan Burton named Eldridge Indiana’s Congressional Angel of Adoption. November is designated Indiana Adoption Awareness Month. Check in.gov/dcs for the adoption events in your local area.

For more information on the Fishers Bible Study for Women, call 317-514-6305. Visit sherrieeldridge.com to find out more information about Sherrie and her books.

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